Approaches to recruiting postgraduate students

Dr Mark Papworth, Course Director

School of Psychology

Medical Sciences

What did you do?

Developed approaches to recruiting postgraduate students.

Who is involved?

Mark Papworth (Course Director, PGCert Low Intensity Psychological Therapies) targeting undergraduate students at local Universities on Social Science courses.

How do you do it?

Have created a course where students can be self-funded as well as funded. Every year I contact Career departments of local Universities and feed into their professional practice modules by giving a presentation to undergraduate students about the Low intensity PGCert.

Why do you do it?

Funding options are limited and in order to guarantee enough students to run the course, self-funding is necessary. By embedding my presentation within the professional practice elements of undergraduate degrees, appropriate students are targeted and informed.

Does it work?

We have successfully recruited students via this method.

Contact Details

Dr Mark Papworth, Course Director


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