SML Year Abroad newsletter

Dr Franck Michel, Senior Lecturer

School of Modern Languages

Humanities and Social Sciences

What did you do?

The School of Modern Languages (SML) emails a newsletter to students who are on their year abroad.

Who is involved?

Franck Michel and Liz Anderson write and send the newsletter.

How do you do it?

The monthly newsletter has both academic and social content.


  • reminders of deadlines
  • reminders of tasks students should be doing, for example writing entries for their Personal Learning Record of their year abroad
  • keeping students informed of personnel changes in SML that may affect them


  • lighthearted news about what’s happening around campus
  • photos of Newcastle in the snow

Why do you do it?

The newsletter helps remind students that they’re still part of SML at Newcastle. Prompts about deadlines and tasks are important, but the community-building aspects of the newsletter can be particularly important for students who are overseas.

Does it work?

The newsletter began as a response to student feedback asking for one, and continues to receive positive feedback from students.

Contact details

Dr Franck Michel, Senior Lecturer


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