Using Twitter in lectures

Professor Christopher Petkov, Professor in Comparative Neuropsychology

Institute of Neuroscience

Medical Sciences

What did you do?

Twitter-enabled Lectures

Who is involved?

Chris Petkov and Medical Students

How do you do it?

Allowed the students to text questions to a Twitter hashtag during lecture. Then after the lecture one of my power point slides allowed checking the twitter feed and answering the questions students had. With the Uni software that we have I can ask them questions and get responses but in large classes few people ask me questions during the lecture.

Why do you do it?

As a way of encouraging students to ask questions about the lecture material.

Does it work?

It depends on class size. When used in lectures with over 100 students attending, it can work well and allows the students to ask questions using the social medium that they are familiar with. However, with medium and small sized groups of students in lectures where the class is small enough to encourage questions being asked directly Twitter is less useful.

Contact details

Professor Christopher Petkov, Professor in Comparative Neuropsychology

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