February 2018 Research Matters News Article via NJRO e-newsletter

CEPA Biobank has successfully launched

The Biobank works mainly on a prospective collection basis allowing the collections for both Researchers and Commercial Companies to be tailored to meet their individual request specifications. The Biobank has already received applications from Researchers and Companies covering a wide range of sample types and are working with them and the relevant Directorates across the Trust to collect the tissue.

The CEPA Biobank has been created as a Trust initiative in response to requests from CommercialCompanies and Researchers for access to a supply of good quality tissue with anonymised clinical information for Quality Control/Assurance and Research purposes. The creation of the CEPA Biobank has addressed any previous concerns by embedding in its structure the safeguards and monitoring required by the Trust, giving it the reassurance needed on the appropriateness of the collection and release of tissue to commercial companies and researchers.

At the onset, discussions were held with patients and the public and from these meetings, the overall conclusion was a positive outcome to go forward with this proposal and that being open and transparent was the way to accomplish this. From discussions with patients and Trust staff, it was repeated that tissue should be provided to researchers and/or commercial companies on a cost recovery basis. The tissue itself is a gift and no charge can be made for it and donors will not be recompensed. The Biobank will charge to fully recover the costs of collecting, processing, storing and transporting these samples, investing in the running of the Biobank and supporting research.

The reputation, professionalism of staff at all levels, along with the high standards of the Trust, will make this Biobank an invaluable resource. The commercial and research collaborations will benefit the healthcare of patients, researchers and companies.

For more information, please contact: sheila.graham2@nuth.nhs.uk