Commercial Research

Commercial research projects are those that are sponsored and funded by commercial companies.  There are several differences between commercial research projects and non-commercial projects:

  • Commercial research projects must be fully funded by the commercial sponsor, including overheads. These projects do not qualify for NHS Service Support through the NIHR Portfolio.
  • The indemnity arrangements for a commercial study are different. The company sponsor has to provide indemnity for all aspects of the study including indemnity for non-negligent harm.
  • A Clinical Trial Agreement between the commercial sponsor and the Trust is required for all commercial studies that run through the Trust.

Commercial companies wishing to carry out research at Newcastle Hospitals, may request a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA) before sharing study details. This document needs to be signed on behalf of the Trust, rather than by the potential Principal Investigator. Please send CDAs relating to commercial research to for review and signature. If the research is to be entirely conducted within Newcastle University with University staff then the CDA should be sent to to co-ordinate.

The Trust has a network of research nurses, study co-ordinators and data managers to support investigators to set up, manage and deliver research.

For any queries relating to commercial research, please contact our Industry Manager, Katherine Tanney (

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