GCP training

GCP training is available through:

  • Clinical Research Platforms: see http://www.ncl.ac.uk/crp/training/
  • NIHR CRN: North East & North Cumbria: GCP Training is free for those working on NIHR Portfolio studies or those who will potentially be working on these studies. Please contact contact the Training team: Email: tnu-tr.NENC-Training@nhs.net
  • Online training provided by Institute for Clinical Research (ICR) : http://www.icr-global.org/elearning/  There is a fee associated with this training.
  • Online training provided by Infonetica at http://www.gcptraining.org.uk/. An individual can take this course by registering and paying a fee.  There are also group accounts so you should check if your department has already registered.

The Trust have issued a GCP Guidance document to provide further information on Trust policy.

Image: Nurse and elderly patient