Employing a nurse on a University research project

If a local hospital is NOT a co-applicant in their own right on a research project awarded to Newcastle University, but the research project includes funding for a member of their staff,  then NJRO will initiate a research agreement with the relevant hospital to confirm the level of funding available to them.

The key stages involed are:

  • Grants and contracts, within NJRO, will complete an agreed template which confirms the start and end dates for the project as well as the budget available.
  • They will then complete this and send it to the Principal Invesitigator (PI) to confirm and sign
  • This is then sent to the relevant finance department for review and counter signature.
  • If the member of staff is employed by Newcastle Hospitals, then we will also copy Mandy Jarvis  into this correspondence.
  • This agreement is then used by the finance departments as confirmation to their Human Resource Teams that there is sufficient funding available.
  • A fully signed agreement is then sent to both Management Accounts and Contracts Financial Management to monitor.

It is important to note that:

  • The NJRO will advise the relevant finance department of the FULL amount of funding available for the FULL period of time and it is up to the individual PIs to confirm to the relevant hospital how long and at what grade etc they will to employ someone for.
  • Some funding bodies will only award on an annual basis and therefore it is at the discretion of the PI, and at their risk, if they wish to appoint beyond twelve months.
  • The PI will need to advise the finance department of the relevant hospital of an alternative account number if the request to appoint exceeds the details within the agreement or they will need to liaise with NJRO if they need to arrange an amendment to this agreement.
Image: Nurse and elderly patient