Calculating Newcastle University costs

MyProjects Proposals ( is  the University’s new bespoke costing and pricing system. It is  web based and has been  designed with input from all parties involved in the process, from researchers  and research support staff to Heads of Unit and the Executive Board. You will need an account to access this system, please contact  for more information on access and training.

Your Research Support Coordinator will help you with this and will ensure that the funder’s guidelines are met and any appropriate Institute costs are included.

You will need to refer to individual funder’s terms and conditions, but usually you can request the following items for your research proposal:

  • Staff time
  • Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Travel
  • Publications
  • Indirect costs

Please be aware that some funders may only pay a proportion of the costs but will require the 100% full Economic Cost (fEC) figures to be detailed in the proposal. Research Councils will pay 80% of total fEC of the project,  however they require costs to be input into the proposal at 100% fEC.

It is absolutely essential that your proposal is costed correctly as this will ensure that there are enough resources and funding to carry out your project.