Translational Research

The Wellcome Trust descibes translational research as research that helps turn early-stage innovations into new health products, advancing the innovation to the point where it becomes attractive for further development by the medical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries.

Although research in academia and in companies produces many new discoveries and inventions that have the potential to improve health, turning those ideas into marketable products can prove extremely difficult.

For example, an inventor may need to do further work on the proof of concept of a technology to link skills in the physical sciences to those in biology and medicine.They may also need to bring together the right combination of business expertise to develop the product and position it within the market – anticipating ahead what the market will be looking for, and how the concept will be introduced alongside the competition.

Translation research helps to overcome such obstacles, bridging the gap between basic research and a marketable product. The funding schemes provided by Technology Transfer at the Wellcome Trust therefore aim to advance the development of an innovation to the point where it becomes attractive for others – such as venture capital firms, industry or public-private partnerships – to take up the challenge of producing a product for the market.

Research Translator & Funding Development Manager

Dr Karen Morgan

Some key funders in this area are:

Fo help in finding commercial partners you can contact the Enterprise Team within Newcastle Academic Health Partners Bioresource who can advise employees of both Newcastle University and Newcastle Hospitals.

This team can also advise on the intellectual property section within your application.


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