Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is required for the transfer of research materials (e.g. DNA, cell lines and human tissue) between two organizations.

MTAs are used in two situations:

Incoming Material

If you are a Newcastle University researcher receiving material from another organisation please complete this form:

If the research project is registered with the Newcastle Hospital’s Trust R&D, please send the proposed MTA to the gerenic R&D email address: Trust.R&

Outgoing Material

If you are a Newcastle University employee and wish to transfer some research material to another organisation, please complete and submit this form:

For projects registered with the Newcastle Hospital’s  Trust R&D, the R&D team will put in place an MTA during the processing of the project for NHS permissions.

We have a generic Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the transfer of material from Newcastle Hospitals to Newcastle University so an MTA will not be required.

Image: Nurse and elderly patient