Implantable Microchips and the Future of Work – Event update

Last week on Wednesday 5th June, Professor Natasha Mauthner (NUBS), and Dr David Lawrence (Law School) hosted a round table discussion centred around the advent of implantable microchip technologies, in particular as they relate to the future of work and their existing early adoption by employers.

They invited all interested parties to join the discussion which focused on four strands of the research:

  1. Organisational dimensions including: organisational trends, strategies, policies and practices with regard to the use of microchips in the future of work; employer and employee perspectives on the use, management, and implications of implantable microchips.
  2. Legal and regulatory questions and challenges raised in the areas of data protection, human and privacy rights, employment law, product liability and the implant procedure; as well as determining the appropriate frameworks that could be applied to emerging de novo scenarios.
  3. Techno-/bio-ethical issues surrounding bodily integrity and identity, autonomy, human enhancement and cyborgism; as well as issues raised by the collection of biomedical, personal, and location data.
  4. Investigation of public understanding of non-medical implant technologies and their potential significance for the future of work and society more generally.

Below are images from the event, the event programme can be found here, and the flyer found here.