The Data NUCoRE

The Data NUCoRE

Vast amounts of data are being collected in all areas of research, industry and society. The ever-increasing volume, complexity, and ubiquity of data presents new opportunities to transform Newcastle University’s research in all fields.

The Data NUCoRE aspires to transform research across the University by driving forward the development and application of new methods for extracting value from data.

We aim to build a culture of collaboration within which vibrant multidisciplinary communities actively seek out opportunities and develop new ways of harnessing data to advance knowledge and address complex challenges.

The Data NUCoRE is working with researchers from across all 3 faculties to grow research that is world-leading, or which has the potential to be so within the next 5 years.

Initially, we are focusing on 7 research themes and the intersections between them:


​Text in a digital age


​Transforming the way we work together and developing new tools to answer questions about how we understand text in the digital future. Led by Jenny Richards (English Literature, Language and Linguistics;


Regulation of data driven technologies


​Growing research in the regulation of the digital society and data driven innovation (including data, algorithms, machine learning and AI, ethics, synthetic biology and genetic engineering) through law, code and ethics. Led by Lilian Edwards (Law;


​Biomedical informatics  


​Developing new computational and statistical approaches to the converging fields of bioinformatics and health informatics to consolidate and grow research strengths. Led by Neil Wipat (Computing;


​Data for manufacturing


​Collaborating across disciplines and with industrial partners to develop new AI to support the manufacturing sector. Led by Nick Wright (Engineering;


​Data visualization


​Setting the national agenda for data visualization and building the latest advanced visualization facilities to link digital data to human thinking. Led by Nick Holliman (Computing;


​Spatial analytics


​Working across disciplines to integrate and analyse spatial data to address complex societal challenges in areas such as health, mobility, education and economic development. Led by Rachel Franklin (Geography, Politics & Sociology;


Streaming data modelling


​Working together to bring about major changes to computational infrastructure, statistical methodology, and algorithms in order to extract value from big data. Led by Darren Wilkinson (Maths, Stats & Physics;



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