Attention all Fire Wardens

Following a discussion at the Health and Safety Committee schools have been asked to issue a reminder to all fire wardens and marshals to be vigilant to ensure:

  • Corridors and stairways are kept clear and free of combustible materials.
  • Escape routes are kept free of obstructions,
  • Check that fire doors are not tied, propped or wedged open.
  • Ensure final exit doors are not obstructed and can be opened freely and fully.
  • Check that extinguishers are where they should be and no obvious misuse or defect has occurred
  • During scheduled fire alarm tests over a period of weeks or months, ensure that the alarm can be heard in all rooms and that all fire doors close fully when the alarm sounds in all parts of your allocated area.

Facilities will also be conducting checks but if you notice any of the above please inform