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10 of the Best Things I Brought to University

My room is somewhere that I spend a lot of time at university, so I thought I’d let you see all three of my bedrooms I’ve had since starting uni to give you some ideas as to how to make your room homely, as well as letting you know my top 10 items that I’ve brought with me.


So what are the best things I brought with me?

Photos of family and friends, posters and ornaments

These help brighten up your room and give you something else to look at rather than plain walls. As you can see from above, I have lots of photos and posters.

Slippers and dressing gown

For those pyjama days! Slippers come in handy all the time at uni, especially when in halls in first year. I lived in my slippers in first year, and still do. Dressing gowns are great for when you’re cold, or just lounging around the house on days off.


I have hundreds of DVDs at home and love watching a film every so often, especially when I’m a bit ill or just need some time away from work. Tip for bringing DVDs is to get hold of a DVD wallet rather than bringing hundreds of DVD cases – you’ll save loads of space!

iPod alarm clock

At uni you can’t expect your parents to wake you up in the morning (or your housemates) so what better to invest in than an iPod alarm clock? Waking up to your favourite music in the morning is great, and makes getting out of bed much easier!

Student cookbook

I inherited this from my brother who was at uni before me, but this little book is great. If you’re ever stuck for a meal idea, want a change from the same things you eat week after week, or even if you can’t cook at all, then bringing a student cookbook with you to uni is a great idea.

Favourite duvet cover

Why spend money on new duvet covers when you can bring your favourite ones from home with you, plus they’re much nicer to snuggle up with at night than brand new ones.


An airer will cost you around £10-£15 to begin with, but it will save you an awful lot of money in the long run. Waiting around to use the tumble dryers in first year takes up a lot of time, and generally once you’re in a house in second/third year you won’t have a dryer. It is definitely a purchase I don’t regret!

Microwave teddy

Or a hot water bottle is something I use A LOT. They’re great for stomach aches, warming you up when you’re cold during the day and the heating isn’t on, or for warming your bed up when it’s freezing at night.


I don’t really have to explain this one, it’s totally a personal thing, but I love having my teddies from home with me at uni, especially ones given to me by friends/family.

Boxes for under-bed storage

Not only to store random bits and bobs in, but also great for storing any of your snacks that you don’t want to leave in the shared kitchen!

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