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10 Geordie Phrases You Only Hear if You Study in NCL

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If you’re moving to Newcastle as a first year student you’ll be learning heaps of new things, one of them being the accent. Luckily, the city is full of students from all over the country and around the world, so you won’t be the only one getting to grips with a new language! However, for when the time comes (and it definitely will!) here are my top 10 Geordie phrases used mostly roond the Toon!

1.     Howay, man!

Translation: Come on, hurry up

Example: “Howay, man it’s freezin!”

Use: When you’re running late for discounted club entry. A crucial time for a student, especially during Freshers’ Week.

2.     Wey aye, man!

Translation: Yes!

Example: “Are ye in lectures? Wey aye, man!”

Use: The response you get when you ask a Geordie if Newcastle United are better than Manchester United. Naturally.

3.     Canny

Translation: Good, nice, or pleasant

Example: “These crisps are canny, like.”

Use: When you’re talking about how good the Greggs pasties are.

4.     Gannin Yem

Translation: Going home

Example: “Are ye gannin yem already?”

Use: When it’s time to go home after a fab night out in the Toon.

5.     Am Clamming

Translation: I’m so hungry

Example: “Am clamming I need a stotty” (heads up a stotty is a type of round, flat bread!)

Use: Mostly used when searching for a kebab shop or McDonalds!

6.     What ye uptee the neet?

Translation: What are you doing tonight?

Example: “Alrite lass what ye uptee the neet?”

Use: When you’re trying to get the whole squad all out at the same time.

7.     I Divvina

Translation: I don’t know

Example: “What ye uptee tomorra?”, “I divvina, pet.”

Use: When someone asks you what Monkey’s Blood is (you’ll find out if you head to Tynemouth in the summer!)

8.     Giz a deek?

Translation: Can I have a look?

Example: “That looks canny, giz a deek”

Use: After standing in the queue for hours waiting to see Fenwick’s Christmas window.

9.     In a fettle

Translation: In a foul mood

Example: “Are ye in a fettle, pet?”

Use: When you ask someone how their assignment is going.

10.  Haddaway, man!

Translation: You must be joking

Example: “The essay is due tomorra? Haddaway, man!”

Use: When you live on the top floor of halls and the lift is out of order.

Geordie is basically a language of its own, with some crazy words that definitely don’t exist in the English Dictionary! Hopefully you now have all the basic words necessary for life in Geordie-land, so you don’t end up like this guy…







Now you’ve got the basics, see how well you do in our How Much Geordie Do You Know? quiz!


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