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10 Truths When You’re Writing A Dissertation

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1. Cleaning is suddenly a fun activity.

There has never been a better time to clean those windows you’ve never cleaned before in your life. And you’ll be much more productive afterwards, right?


2. Lunch is a 4 hour task.

You have to prepare your lunch, eat it, relax a bit afterwards, have a cup of tea and relax some more. You’re probably hungry again at this point, so you have to start the process again from scratch.


3. Wikipedia is a dangerous place.

Checking one small fact can lead you down the treacherous path of clicking through links until you’re deep into the inner workings of the Scottish political system. Trust me, I know.


4. ‘What are your plans for the summer?’

No. Just don’t even ask.


5. Your friends aren’t afraid to offer profound words of comfort:

‘That’s a lot of words. I couldn’t do it.’

‘So, how do you research a language?’

‘Why would you do it?’

‘Are people actually interested in that?’


6. Leaving your desk feels like a holiday.

What is this thing called fresh air? And the world actually exists outside of the study room? Fascinating.


7. Your interests are quite obscure.

No matter how interesting you find your topic, you’ll always get a strange look when you explain it to someone else.


8. Tea and cake are the fuel of life.

Anything can be achieved with a good cup of tea and a large slice of cake in hand.


9. You can fit your research into just about any discussion.

You wouldn’t believe how much linguistic material you can get out of ‘Mean Girls’ and how often you can squeeze that into conversation.


10. You secretly enjoy it sometimes.

Don’t tell anyone, but writing about your own topic can be quite fun and rewarding. You will never say this out loud though!

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