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10 Things you WON’T need at Uni




1) Fancy stationary– Despite being a geography student, even my love for colouring pencils has declined at Uni. All you need for lectures is a pen and a notepad.

2) 10 pairs of shoes– Even for us girls boots, flats, trainers and a few pairs of heels is plenty. You only have one pair of feet.

3) A whole cutlery set– Just bring two of everything- you will inevitable loose one.

4) A whole crockery set– Newcastle Uni provide a full set if you’re in self-catered accommodation. But if you’re desperate, a plate, bowl and baking tray is enough.

5) A TV– Your Halls will most likely have a TV and if not, TALK TO PEOPLE.

6) A lunch box– The first few days you tell yourself you’ll pack your own lunch every day, but by day 5 you’ll realise a meal deal is so much easier.

7) Textbooks– Wait until you get your official reading lists. Textbooks are pricey, and even then check out the library shelves first.

8) Printer– Although a luxury, it’s not an essential as students at Newcastle get free print credits at the beginning of every academic year. This is usually enough to last the year, but if needs be you can easily top them up.

9) Your A level notes– They won’t be necessary as your lecturers will make sure to get everyone up to speed with basic knowledge as everyone will have studied different units.

10) A fancy laundry basket– By the end of fresher’s week you’ll have gained at least 3 free jumbo Ikea bags. Job done.


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