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17 Things You Should Pack For Uni

If you’re coming to uni for the first time, you may not be sure what are the essentials to bring. Sure you’re going to pack some clothes, your phone and maybe some stationery – but what do you really need to bring?

We asked final year Medicinal Chemistry student Mark what you should definitely bring to your accommodation on day one.

Toilet Rolls

1-toilet-rollSomething you may forget you need to buy before you come to uni. Bring a bumper pack to last the term.

Extra Pillow

2-pillowDepending if you like some extra comfort in bed.

Fairy Lights

3-lightsAlways a nice accessory in the flat to brighten the place up (just remember to bring battery powered ones rather than plug in).


4-laptopAn essential for uni life whether you’re using it for uni work or in your leisure time.

Good Jumper

5-jumperAn essential for when you try to save the cost of bills by limiting the time the heating is on.

Phone Charger

5-5-chargerEveryone probably has a phone, so this is a must have. You’d be amazed how many people forget theirs though, so it never hurts to have a spare.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

6-toothpaste-2To continue keeping your dentist happy, or your new dentist if you remember to register for one during term time.

Drying Rack

7-drying-rack-2Most accommodation sites don’t have a dryer so this is a must to help dry out your freshly washed clothes.


8-wokA useful piece of kitchenware when you want to cook or teach yourself to cook. Also doubles as a bowl if you’ve forgotten to do the washing up.

Tea towel

9-teatowelI would suggest a few. Having tea towels around the kitchen is useful for cleaning and for emergency spillage mopping.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

10-speaker-1So you can share your pre-drinks playlist

Printed photos

11-photos-2Always nice to have photos of friends and family to remind you of home. Whether they cover your wall or you just have a few scattered around your room.

Pain Killers

12-headacheTo ease Freshers’ Flu symptoms.

Coat Hangers

13-hangersYou don’t get these in your accommodation, so bringing them will save you a trip to the shop and valuable money.

Tea and Coffee

14-tea-and-coffeeKitchen essentials for “me” time or when you have guests around.

Bottle Opener

15-bottle-openVery useful for freshers’ week and beyond.


16-scissorsUseful thing to have, whether you use them for things around the flat or creating your Halloween costume.

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