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Are personal statements all you’re j...

With so much emphasis placed on achieving perfection with your personal statement, are they really the make or break of getting onto your dream uni course? Not to sit on the fence, but the truth is both yes and no! Course dependent Every admissions team is different, and the importance that’s placed on your personal
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Our campus in timelapse

Take a tour of our campus in timelapse and see what’s inside some of the main buildings that are open to the public, including The Hatton Art Gallery, Northern Stage theatre, Great North Museum: Hancock and The Robinson 24 hour library.

My Experience Of Being A Fresher (In Secon...

It’s understandable that the jump from school to university can be very daunting for many. But, personally, I found it much more terrifying when I transferred universities than I had done starting in first year at my previous university. This was due to the fact I’m quite a shy, self-conscious person, which therefore meant that
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Tyneside Cinema

Coming to University in a relationship or hoping to meet the perfect partner? Either way, Newcastle has a wide array of options for the perfect date. Located in the very centre of the city, Tyneside Cinema is guaranteed to impress. Relax with a casual coffee in the Intermezzo Bar, watch the latest rom-com or sit
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Where’s the best place on campus?

Is it historic quad? The refurbished Students’ Union? Or maybe it’s a quiet spot in the Robinson Library? We asked some of our current students where their favourite spot was on campus, this was their reply.

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Uni

The whole process of applying to and going to university can be pretty daunting but it’s worth every minute! Here’s just a few things I wish I’d been told before I came to university which I know would have helped me 1. The worst accommodation may just give you the best first year   I
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What do our students love about Newcastle?

Is it the friendly people? The world renowned night life? Or maybe the surrounding beaches and countryside? We asked some of our current students what they loved most about the city of Newcastle and this was their reply.

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