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Top Ten Tips to survive the long-distance ...

Hello! I would like to share some tips in terms of how to survive through a long-distance relationship 🙂   1. Be committed. You have to be sure and ready you want to do this, otherwise it’s not going to work. Remember, you are committed to another person living somewhere else and won’t be able to
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Maths and Stats – 60 Second Subject ...

Are you interested in studying a degree that opens up loads of career options? The Maths and Statistics degree at Newcastle University could be the one for you. To find out more about the course watch our latest 60 Second Subject Guide. To get the full picture, take a look at the Maths and Stats
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Is uni really all play and no work?

Is university really all nights out and lie ins? Let’s find out as we get to the bottom of this myth! Contact hours (the time you spend with academic staff) vary per course, from only a couple of lectures a day to a full 9-5 schedule for degrees such as Medicine. So when you first
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It’s all about the Societies

In my humble opinion, societies are one of the best things about university. Gone forever are the days where you had to be sporty to join in with extra-curricular activities. Welcome to a whole new world of university where there is something for everyone! In this post, I am going to talk about some thoughts about
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5 Tips for Medical School Interview Succes...

It has begun – the eagerly-awaited interview invitation emails are starting to pop up in medicine applicants’ inboxes. In January and February hundreds of interviews will be held at Newcastle, forming the basis of who receives an offer. It may be slightly scary that this 30-minute-long chat can determine whether you’re bestowed the pleasure of being a future doctor, but
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Being at university with an allergy/intole...

I may have said ‘allergy’ and ‘intolerance’ but my personal example is an auto-immune deficiency – but that makes for a far less catchy title. I have coeliac ‘disease’. That makes it sound contagious, it isn’t. It’s an auto-immune deficiency where the immune system reacts to gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley and
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Day in the life of: A Third Year Geographe...

Hello lovely readers!  Now I’m in the final year of my degree, I can safely look back and say that university life has been incredible. I know lots of prospective students may be a little apprehensive about what student life will entail; so let me reassure you, it’s going to be great. From one student
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