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Life Admin – Organising yourself at ...

The move from A-level to degree is scary, both in terms of academic advances and real-life responsibilities. This is why we’ve got to team up and share the tips on how to manage your new found independence and keep on top of the seminar prep pile. So, here’s five ways to beat the night-before-blues and pre-prep-panic. 1.
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What to wear to your interview

Depending on which course you’ve applied for, an interview may be part of the application process. But how do you dress for such an occasion? You’ll see all sorts of contradicting suggestions online. Suit up? Or is that trying too hard? That’s why we’ve asked our academics to bust that myth! Our friends from Civil
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5 Reasons To Join a Committee

Over the course of your time at University, you’ll have the chance to get involved with societies, to go to socials, or play sports, meet new people and try new things. Around this time of year, societies have their AGMs (Annual General Meetings), where they discuss the society and whether or not changes can be
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Top 5 Stages in the Application Process

Not all courses make a decision on your UCAS application alone. A lot of degrees require other stages before they make you an offer. Here are just 5 of the other stages some courses may require you to pass before you’re well on the way to uni… INTERVIEW These aren’t just common for professional training
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5 Unwritten Rules of Being a Good Housemat...

Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been living together for a few months, learning how to be a good housemate is essential if you want to have a good relationship with the people you spend most of your time with. Staying in everyone’s good books can be a real juggling act, but these top
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Living in Castle Leazes

I often get asked by prospective students at Visit Days what the best halls are. The answer is, it totally depends what you want. Some people want an ensuite, some people want to be catered, some people want to live close to campus, others further away. However, you always have to be prepared to not get
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5 things to know about renting a student h...

1. Your housemates Don’t be shy about picking your housemates. If you have doubts or worries about any potential housemates you should raise them now rather than after you have signed the lease. It might be really uncomfortable to tell someone you don’t want to live with them, but its better to deal with it
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