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7 Steps to Choosing Your Firm

To everyone already in the fantastic position of having multiple university offers to choose from – very well done! If you’re having difficulty choosing which uni to firm, here’s 7 things to consider that will hopefully make the right choice clear. 1. The course Which of your choices has the best quality course? Or the modules that
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Narrowing down your choices – Be fir...

Open days For me Open days were not helpful. The hustle and bustle makes the whole experience rushed, and although you may feel as though you’re getting a ‘feel’ of the City, you will never really know what the teaching is like till you attend. Everything looks shiny on an open day. I wouldn’t worry
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Getting the Newcastle Work Experience

Starting out as a Masters student in a university abroad, isn’t without its pressure. Especially since I realised how most of my classmates had worked for a couple of years at least before, while all I had was internships. The importance of adding work experience  to my CV was something I could see, and something I
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The Careers Service

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and pretend I have the expertise to advise you on your career! But, here at Newcastle Uni we’re lucky to have an award winning careers service with advisers trained to help you with anything careers related. Here’s a rundown of the support that you can take advantage of
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What Exactly is an English Language Degree...

There are a lot of questions English Language students have to answer all the time. For example, “Oh so you want to be a teacher then?” and “How can you do an English Language degree and not know what every word means?” So I thought it was time to answer the BIG question – what
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How to get the most out of your English De...

The prospect of paying nine grand a year can be a tad daunting… or terrifying. It really makes you ask yourself; for the money I’m paying, what am I actually getting from my degree? Here is how to get the most out of it:  Turn up to Lectures I know there is going to be
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Deciding what to do for your year abroad

There are usually three options for the Year Abroad: study abroad, work placement or British Council language assistantship. For the more indecisive among us, that’s probably a few too many and with advantages and disadvantages to all three, it can add up to a pretty daunting decision. So what kind of things should you consider
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