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Last Minute Revision

Whether it was planned or not, we all find ourselves doing last-minute revision at some point in our education career. But is it a viable revision tactic? We break it down in to pros and cons to work out what you can expect from all that cramming. PROS Sometimes the pressure of limited time can
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How I came to call Newcastle home

Before starting university I had never moved house. I had always called the same place home. So to move 300 miles away in one fell swoop was pretty scary. I was worried about so many little things (and some pretty big ones as well). Would I make friends? What if I got lost? Could I
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Things to Look Forward to at Uni

1 – Living with friends For most people, university is the first opportunity to move away from home and share a house with friends. It is an amazing experience to live independently for the first time and to live with people you want to spend your time with. There’s always something fun going on and
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The Joys of Intra Mural Sport

What is Intra Mural Sport? Intra Mural is sport organised, played and competed all within Newcastle University, between students, social groups, degree programmes, halls of residence etc. The sports on offer range from football (11 a side, 7 a side, 5 a side), Rugby Union, Rugby Sevens, Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Futsal. With over 3200
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How to Keep Fit at Uni

We all know that as soon as you get away from home cooked meals and the confines of your mum’s weekly food shop, there’s the temptation to over-indulge in the finer things in life. Whether you’re having ready meal after ready meal, or going totally the other way and simply barely eating at all, it’s
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Help I’m a Third Culture Kid at Uni

Are you English? American? Scottish? I’ve heard it all. If I’m ever lucky enough to meet any of you lovely readers, you’ll probably be confused by the typical ‘Third Culture Kid’ accent I’ve acquired over the years – a predominantly English/American/Scottish/International mix. In fact, someone recently said to me “You know Millie, every time you talk it’s
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A lovely lazy day

Students are often generalised as treating themselves to far too many lazy days. However, this generalisation is not necessarily true. Between an active social life, deadlines and with exam season looming –these lazy days are far too infrequent.  This busy life is great and one of the best aspects of being a student, there is
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