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Facts You Learn at Newcastle Uni

Here are 8 “facts” you’ll definitely learn while studying at Newcastle University, as suggested by our students.

10 Truths When You’re Writing A Diss...

1. Cleaning is suddenly a fun activity. There has never been a better time to clean those windows you’ve never cleaned before in your life. And you’ll be much more productive afterwards, right?   2. Lunch is a 4 hour task. You have to prepare your lunch, eat it, relax a bit afterwards, have a
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Best Bits of First Year

First year has been one of the best years of my life which has left me with a collection of amazing memories, so it only feels right to commemorate all of them with a blog post to remember the best bits.

Ways to Make Your Summer Productive

Let the binge-watching of TV, going to bed when the sun rises and lounging on a beach with a mojito in tow begin, because summer is here and to stay (for now at least). Summer break is as simple as it gets and means the same thing anywhere in the world – farewell work, and hello play time.

Summer In Newcastle

There’s loads to do in Newcastle to fill up the long 3 month summer break. Whether you want to have fun, get some experience or earn some money, Newcastle’s got a lot to offer.

Things you didn’t think you’d do a...

Here are 3 things I never thought I’d end up doing while studying at University.

And Here Comes Life…

People say life is like a series of steps till you reach the ‘ultimate goal’ but I have always considered to be something similar like C.S Lewis described Narnia as – Concentric Circles we shed each circle like a layer as we move on to the next part of Life.

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