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Best Places For Live Music In Newcastle

Here’s a list of the best places for live music in Newcastle, suggested by our students and alumni, but which is your favourite? Vote now!

Best Places For Sunday Dinner In Newcastle

PARTNERS Scheme For Architecture Degrees

PARTNERS is a great introduction to student life, and the chance to get a lower offer to Newcastle University. Here’s why Architecture student Matthew thinks it was his best decision ever to take part.

Why PARTNERS was the best thing I did

PARTNERS can help you get a lower offer to Newcastle University. Find out what our current PARTNER student Abigail thought about it and how it prepared her for uni life.

Okay, so this is really happening…

So, after nineteen years, I have decided that I am not someone who likes change and, given that my summer consisted mostly of falling into an ongoing cycle of eating pizza and watching old episodes of The Big Bang Theory, you can probably guess that I find myself a nice little routine and I stick to it.

Five Tips For Embracing Change

I think most of us experience some emotional turmoil when it comes to moving on. So whether you’ve kissed your favourite teddy bear goodbye and are ready to brave the next step alone, or whether it’ll be the first thing you pack for halls, here are five tips for overcoming resistance to change and embracing this exciting new chapter of your life.

The Day-time Freshers’ Activity Quiz

Not sure which Freshers’ Week activity is for you? Take our quick quiz to find out which one you just have to do.

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