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Christmas in Student Halls – A Guide

Although Christmas dinner at Ricky Road may not be number one on your average Christmas to do list, being in student halls during the holiday season doesn’t necessarily have to be a tragic alternative to December at home. There are a few things you can do to get the full festive experience whilst living in a student flat.

My Favourite Places in Newcastle

If you are about to come to Newcastle for university, the campus is not the only place you’ll spend your time. The city, in north east England, has many attractions to offer its newcomers. Although I have many favourites of my own, here are the places that are top of my list.

Revising Over Christmas

Having to revise over the Christmas holidays is undoubtedly one of the less pleasant parts of university life. After making it through the exhausting combination of December deadlines and end-of-term/Christmas celebrations, revision is probably the last thing on your mind, but it has to be done. Here are my top tips for coping with revision over the holiday period.

Christmas in Newcastle

It is a joy to see how our uni has perfectly captured the festivity of the chilly winter season.

Coping with your first exam period

It may not count towards your degree but the skills, practices and habits formed in first year set down a precedent for the rest of your degree. It’s important that you don’t simply dismiss exams in first year as annoying inconveniences that mean nothing to your degree.

Geordie Highlights

Newcastle is in my humble (and not at all biased!) opinion a great city to say the least. It doesn’t just have loads of great tourist attractions, it’s also a goldmine of weird and wonderful places. Here are some interesting ideas of what to do in and around Newcastle.

Surviving the long wait

So you’ve submitted your UCAS application. Perhaps you’ve even attended some interviews or you’re still waiting for that all important invitation. Either way I can assure you that this wait will probably be the longest wait that you will experience in your entire life (or at least your life so far!) So here are my top three ways to pass the time while waiting for UCAS to reply to your application.

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