Monthly Archives: March 2016

Managing your Easter break

Cassandra shares her tips on how to manage your Easter break!

5 Best Parts of Having Flatmates

Caitlin shares 5 things she loves the most about sharing a house with friends.

My Surprise Love for Politics

From as young as I can remember I always thought I was destined to study History. But do I actually prefer Politics?!

Sociology: What nobody tells you

Here are some hidden gems Molly found out in her first year of studying Sociology at Newcastle University.

Top Five Tips and Tricks for Revision

In light of approaching exams, Lydia shares some of her tips and tricks for revision!

Why Volunteer at University

Thinking of volunteering at university? Katie shares her top 5 reasons why you should!

Open days and an open mind

Sam shares his experiences of choosing a uni and explains why you should go to an Open Day!

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