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3 Insights into Media at Newcastle

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“Are you gonna be a reporter after you graduate?” As a media student, I’m asked this question a lot. While that might be a career a pursue in the future, there are so many other paths available to media graduates. The degree is giving us with essential skills to survive in many different industries – here’s my top three.

  1. Beside media theories, we learn about the business world

    We are able to choose modules that are related to business, such as marketing and public relations. It really depends on what you want to study; the course is very flexible! Last year I chose modules in marketing and business enterprise. In the business enterprise module, we were required to create and operate a business as a group. We are also given the opportunity to pitch our idea to real business people, and therefore gain hands on experience and feedback from professionals. Therefore, the media degree is an all-round programme that allows students to fit into different roles in the real working-world.

    Presenting our ideas to local business people

    Presenting our ideas to local business people

  2. Software skills

    We are taught how to use graphic design and photo-editing software as part of the course. All our editing takes place in Culture Lab – the on-campus hub for digital and creative studies. The facilities in Culture Lab are superb and really user-friendly. It’s  also where the student radio station and TV studio is located. But the studio is not open 24/7, so make sure you spend your time wisely!

    Culture Lab at Newcastle University

    Culture Lab at Newcastle University

  3. Awareness on everything that is happening around the world

    As media students we are interested in everything that is happening around the world – from business or product launches to politics and current affairs. Our lecturers always use the latest events and news for in-class case analysis. We are also encouraged to read local news every week in order to keep track of everything.


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