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3 things I wish I’d known about uni

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1. Time REALLY does fly by!


There is literally only a week left before Easter holidays. I can’t believe it! I have been here for nearly seven months now but it only feels like yesterday when I first stepped into Newcastle. The one thing people do not tell you about coming to such a prestigious university is that life is so fast paced and time just flies by. In scrambling to meet deadlines, having epic nights out, struggling to keep up with lectures and socialising, you will not even realise when it is time for you to go back home again.

2. Give yourself time to adapt

Whether you are an international student or someone who comes from Newcastle (although I believe it is much more of a challenge for international students; being one myself haha), you need to give yourself time to adjust to the complete change in lifestyle that uni brings. Trust me, cooking for yourself, doing the laundry and even socialising doesn’t come that easy. When you first start uni, you may find it hard to cope with everything but give yourself time. Everything will come together slowly and you’ll soon be loving life. Thankfully, Newcastle University offers many catered accommodation choices, which are affordable such as Castle Leazes from only £140 per week.  So that makes cooking and socialising a little easier!

3. Managing your finances

Managing finance at university can be tricky. It is soooo easy to splurge and run out of money. Believe it or not the main expenditure for most students is on food (and going out!). Fortunately, Newcastle offers many cheap eateries such as Eat4Less where you can get a hearty baguette or Panini for around one pound.

One of the useful things I also learnt about managing finance as a student is to give yourself a limit on your weekly spending. And make sure not to exceed the limit.

However Newcastle is a beautiful and exciting place and I hope you enjoy studying here as much as I do! 


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