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3 Unusual Sports to Try at University

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Newcastle University boasts 63 sports clubs ranging from scuba diving to skiing, making it one of the most diverse Athletic Unions in higher education. So for all you sporty people, here are three sports on offer that you may not have played before.

Real Tennis

A game you are unlikely to be familiar with, Real Tennis, is best described as a mash-up between tennis and squash, encompassing a range of unique features and rules. The game is played on an indoor court with a regular net in the middle, however where real tennis differs is the use of the walls and galleries which come into its scoring system. The game is best understood through participation. President of the Newcastle University Real Tennis Club, Hugh Vermont, encourages new, inexperienced players; “we have a completely open-doors policy”.


Water Polo

If you are a strong swimmer then you may be interested in trying a bit of water polo. This fast-paced, aggressive game is not for the faint-hearted but is very physically rewarding. Played in an all-deep pool, you will need to be fit enough to sustain treading water for the four quarters, nothing that a few weeks in your local swimming pool won’t fix.


Originating across ‘the pond’, Lacrosse has found its way into most University sports clubs, but is still relatively un-played and not understood by most. A 10 person team is made up of a goalie, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 attackers, with the aim of the game to pass the ball from stick to stick, catching it in the mesh on the end, and score by shooting into the opposition’s goal.

These are just three examples, come and give anyone of our sports a try, or even create your own. Why not?

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