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5 Flatmates You Will Definitely Have

For the majority of us, university is the first time we will experience what it’s like to live with people other than our family. And for the most part it is awesome, living with a bunch of people who won’t tell you off for having a bowl of ice cream for dinner is what dreams are made of- however, when it comes to who’s washing up and freezer space things get serious.

Here are a handful of the types of flatmates I can almost certainly guarantee you will have…

The Mum

When you’re feeling homesick you will tend to gravitate towards this flatmate, they have very mother-like tendencies. These include tidying up after all the messy pups (you, probably), taking out the bins and making a cracking fry up when you’re feeling a bit worse for wear. Awesome.

The Child(ren)

Where there is a mum, there is a child. This flatmate is the one that goes behind the beloved mother figure undoing her hard work. 5 am seems like an appropriate time for them to bring people back and have a party in the kitchen where slamming doors is turned into an art form. They’re like Peter Pan, just less cute (and not in tights) but they haven’t and won’t grow up.


We all love a good deal as students but gaining a flatmate’s other half comes at a price of its own. Serious relationships are fine when you’re in them but as a spectator expect lots of third wheeling and getting dragged into arguments over who makes the best lasagne.

Muffin Man

My personal favourite, the baker of the flat. You may question how they have so much time on their hands to bake endless batches of cookies for everyone but you certainly won’t complain. A double chocolate, melt-in-the-middle sponge cake after a long day at Uni is what every student needs. If this flatmate happens to be you, then thanks in advance.

The Southerner

Expect  lots of remarks about the temperature and how much the North loves Greggs ‘cos this is like a whole new world for this particular flatmate – I know from experience. Just be kind and be patient, and hope they grow out of getting you to say ‘why aye’ (they won’t).

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you’ll also have the invisible flatmate who is only spotted in the kitchen making food before heading back to depths of their room never to be seen again.

These are just a handful of the personalities you will come across in your time in halls, and if you can’t think of a flatmate to fit one of these then it’s probably you.

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