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5 reasons why being a Combined Honours Student is the best

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I’m going to be honest, I kind of fell into being a part of the Combined Honours department. I left school torn between which subjects I wanted to study and thought studying two or more subjects sounded like a good balance for a poor decision maker like myself.  I now have spent a term here studying English and French and I am so grateful that my lack of ability to make a decision has paid off. Now I want to share reasons why being a Combined Honours Student is the best if you have any doubts.


The first and main benefit of being part of Combined Honours is you get to do more than one subject. Some students even do three. You can also control the percentage of subjects you do, so for example if I decided I wanted to do more English, I could do an extra module in English and major in the subject rather than splitting it equally between the two.


Being a Combined Honours student gives you the opportunity to be friends with students in subjects from all across the broad. Its lovely to have different perspectives and here about what other people are doing in other subjects.


Combined Honours is a very social department to be part of especially with the Combined Honours Society who organise events such as the CHS winter ball which definitely put me in the Christmas spirit with its range of Christmas songs and their own Olaf and Elsa!

Combined honours ball photo real

A picture of me and my friends from the combined honours winter ball 🙂


A haven for all Combined Honours students. Free Coffee. Free Tea. A tuck shop with cheap chocolate. What else could you ask for ?


Combined Honours is incredibly aware of student voice, highlighted not only by the SSC (student representatives) but all the schemes which have come out from their awareness of students needs including MENTORS and PASS (a scheme which is unique to CH students)

I hope all of these reasons have confirmed to anyone who is uncertain, that becoming a combiner is the right decision for you 🙂

Find out more (Editor’s Note)

To find out more about Combined Honours  at Newcastle University and the subjects you can take, visit the Combined Honours Degree page

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