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5 Reasons to shop in Grainger Market

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When I was coming to University for the first time, I wasn’t sure what there was in Newcastle and I didn’t really know where I could buy groceries without having to sell my kidney on the black market. Turns out that Grainger Market, located in the city centre, has some really cheap produce, delicious food and so many different stalls, you could probably just live there and never want for anything. So here are my top 5 reasons why Grainger Market is the best market:


Two of my friends eating pizza

Two of my friends eating pizza at Grainer Market

First things first, the food. The market has several stalls where you can buy some really delicious food, such as Slice which sells gloriously huge slices of pizza for under £2 or Fez Food, which sells delicious Turkish street food.

2. Sweet Stuff

The creperie which is just heavenly

This place is heaven

As if pizza wasn’t enough, the Market is home to many cafes and bakeries where you can get your sweet fix. My personal favourite would have to be the crêperie which simply sells the best crepes.

3. Buying produce

One of the many fruit and vegetable stalls

One of the many fruit and vegetable stalls

The Market sells some really cheap produce, and some of the stalls even offer a student discount. This is a great way to get cheap, fresh produce, and with several greengrocers, butchers and fishmongers to pick your produce, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

4. Quirky shops

A tiny snippet of all the stalls to be found in the Market

A tiny snippet of all the stalls to be found in the Market


No truly amazing market would be complete without all the little random, quirky shops and Grainger Market is no exception. Seriously, think of anything and you could probably buy it here; food, clothes, shoes, jewellery, books, bath bombs, things for your pet, fireplaces, you name it!

5. Location

The Grey Monument in the city centre

Grey’s Monument in the city centre

To top it all off, Grainger Market is very central, being located no more than 2 minutes away from Monument. Therefore, it’s a great place to go after lectures to pick up your groceries and enjoy all the things the Market has to offer.

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