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5 Reasons Newcastle has the Best Law School

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Do you want to study law, but don’t know which law school to choose? Newcastle Law School is one of the best law schools in the country for a variety of reasons. I am currently experiencing life as a law student, so here are my top 5 reasons why you should choose Newcastle too.

#1 Dedicated Law Library


In the Law School itself there is the Law Library which holds around 30,000 print volumes. Students also have access to over 26,000 full-text electronic journals and a variety of law-specific databases. Having the Law Library within the same building means you literally don’t have to go anywhere else before or after lectures. It is so convenient, which is fab because the library becomes a vital part of a law student’s life!

#2 Everything is in One Building


The Law School is especially brilliant for first years! Everything, all lectures and seminars, are in the same building, so there is no chance of you getting lost around campus in your first week! This makes it really easy to learn your way around quickly, even if the Law School seems like a maze sometimes!

#3 The Teaching Staff


Newcastle Law School has an incredible group of teaching staff who definitely know what they’re talking about! They are all at the top of their fields and being a Russell Group University, the staff do research into their specific area of study, so you are always guaranteed to be kept up to date with the ever changing laws!

#4 The Reception Staff


I feel the reception staff don’t get enough credit, but they are the nicest, friendliest people, arguably in the whole school! They deserve a massive shout out, because they are always there to help if you need anything (or if you do manage to get lost!).

#5 The Law School is Right Next to ‘The Robbo’


If having its own Law Library isn’t enough, the Law School is situated right next to the Philip Robinson Library. So, if by chance the Law Library doesn’t have what you are looking for, ‘The Robbo’ certainly will. It’s super convenient, especially for group work when doing presentations, for example, because there are more study areas for group discussion.

I hope you’ve found my guide to life at the Law School useful, and don’t forget, there are so many more reasons to study at Newcastle!


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