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5 Reasons Newcastle Is Great For EEE

When it comes to studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at university, there are loads of courses and choices available. But when you’re looking for the perfect place to call home for the next 3 years of your life, there’s only one place that stands out.

Here’s why third year student Peenki, thinks Newcastle is the best home for an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student.

When I applied for my undergraduate at Newcastle University, I was not sure what to expect, how the university life was going to be and more importantly, how I would perform.
It was daunting to think, at that time, about the next three years and where I would be afterwards.

Looking back in hindsight, I am glad that I made the right choice to unlock my potential. It has been an amazing journey and I would like to share few things which I found incredible about the Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree at Newcastle University.

1 – It’s Forward Looking

It’s a forward-looking and future building school, bridging gaps between today’s technological needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

The school has a name for anticipating and preparing students for the future of the industry by not only giving them the knowledge but also the experience and expertise they require.

I think the school labs are some of the best-equipped labs in the UK, giving students ample opportunity to put theory into practice. The Motors Teaching Lab is the department’s latest investment for student’s practical work.

Students are also encouraged to take part in various projects with PhD students to help enhance their ability, even if they fall outside the remits of their degree. During my summer holidays, I took this opportunity to do a research internship in Nanotechnology.

2 – Help Is Never Far Away

The School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has one of the most experienced faculty in the University. If it wasn’t for the imagination of the teaching staff , some of the topics would have been very dry to learn, but they made lectures fun and enjoyable.

The lectures get recorded in real time and made available on the university website which is a real bonus, you can never miss a thing and if you do, then you know where to find them.

The teaching staff has always been there when I needed them, especially when juggling different assignments and exams together. They’ve helped me through my projects and made it possible for me to take on bigger challenges.

In my first year, I was assigned a personal tutor and mentor to help me throughout out my course, which is incredible.

3 – It Prepares You For Real Challenges

The School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has excellent links within the industry to help students find them the right work placement. A couple of the big names include E3 academy, SEVCON Sponsorship and UKESF.

The school also has an exceptional support network to provide the help required, while you are on your internship placements.

These industry links are undoubtedly helpful in not only securing the internships but also graduate jobs.

Peenki working in a clean lab during a research internship

Me working in a clean lab during my research internship

During the summer holidays, I got my job offer while on my second-year internship from my sponsoring company. It was a proud feeling to be able to secure a graduate job prior to starting the last year of my undergraduate.

It takes away the stress of finding the job after finishing university and allows you to focus just on your final year studies. All this would have not been possible without the school’s good contacts.

4 – They Look Beyond The Horizon

A number of students choose to study a semester abroad as part of ERASMUS scheme. It is not only a great way to expand your horizon but also gives you a distinct prospect of working on world class projects abroad in collaboration with different European Universities.

It is also a great way to experience different cultures, travel and making your own global links in the Industry.

The University also has an excellent range of scholarships and bursaries to get you through the time at university or studying abroad. There are a number of scholarships from School of EEE itself like:

  • Excellence scholarship
  • Achievement scholarship
  • A laptop for all new students
  • Wilson Campbell scholarship
  • IET grants
  • Class of 1961 scholarship and many more.

As well as the scholarships awarded by the school, the university also offers a few other scholarship for high achieving students, which is an incredible way to motivate and help students.

Peenki collecting her scholarship award

The day I collected my scholarship award for outstanding academic achievement

5 – It’s Been The Best Experience Of My Life

When you are studying in the EEE department at Newcastle University, it is not only an opportunity to develop yourself academically but also have a great student life to ease the pressure of exams and looming deadlines.

The university has a number of societies and sports’ clubs to join. It helps you in networking, socializing and most importantly making friends, not only just from your course but across the University.

Peenki and three other girls in traditional south asian dress

Me and some of the girls celebrating Diwali with the South Asian Society

Newcastle itself offers the best experience a city can offer to its students. The town always has excellent student discounts on offer and it does not burn a hole in your pocket to have an awesome student night out.

Newcastle is only a few hours away from the majestic highlands of Scotland and couple of hours to the Lake District, Yorkshire dales, Edinburgh and many more exciting places to explore.

Overall Newcastle is a great place to study and an amazingly student friendly town.

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