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5 Reasons Newcastle Is Great For A Marine Tech Student

When it comes to studying Marine Technology at university, there are loads of courses and choices available. But when you’re looking for the perfect place to call home for the next 3 years of your life, there’s only one place that stands out.

Here’s why second year student Fedor, who joined us from Russia, thinks Newcastle is the best home for a Marine Technology student.

1 – Good student experience


From nights out to sightseeing, it has everything. Newcastle is famous for student night life – we have a lot of clubs, bars and the city is just very social.

The University also provides a lot of support. In our School, every student is assigned with a tutor (academic staff) and a mentor (student from another year). This is done to give us more opportunities to talk to different people if we have any issues and is not limited to just academic concerns.

2 – Many things to get involved with

The University has many clubs and societies that you can join (you can also apply for flexible part-time jobs on Newcastle University campus!).

If you want to study marine technology, you may enjoy one of the water sports like surfing or kayaking. We have many sports clubs including; sailing, yachting, windsurfing, surfing, scuba diving, rowing, kayaking, canoe polo, and water polo. We also have many non-sport societies from baking to investment.

I’m a member of the sailing and yachting club, and although it sometimes gets cold, it is awesome.

WetSoc is the Marine School society and it organises industry and vacation trips and socials for us, as well as Marine Projects that compete in marine technology competitions around the world.

There’s so much to get involved with!

3 – Newcastle is safe

Newcastle Gateshead

I have never encountered or even seen any crime-related scenes. According to The Complete University Guide, Newcastle is the 11th safest city in the UK which is pretty good, plus the UK is relatively safe anyway.

Also, Newcastle University has recently integrated a SafeZone app that locates you and is used for requesting help on campus. You just press the worry button if you feel unsafe, and the cameras will be directed to you so you can be seen.

When you feel like things are alright, you can turn off the monitoring feature. You can also request immediate help, and security guys will come to you. And yes, there is plenty of CCTV on campus.

4 – Strong reputation and facilities

Newcastle University Hydrodynamics lab

Studying for a marine technology degree involves practical work, so I think it is important to have good modern facilities, and we are lucky to have them.

In our Marine School, we have a wind wave current tank, towing tank, cavitation tunnel, hydrodynamics laboratory, engineering laboratory, and our own research vessel. All are very useful and are used frequently.

It is particularly helpful with final year projects and gives you practical experience. We have also got our own marine technology books collection with historic material on marine technology along with many other books in two of the University libraries.

All the marine courses are also accredited by IMarEst, RINA and Engineering Council. I am applying for internships now, and I see that employers do want the courses to be accredited.

5 – Helpful staff

We all want good grades, and in my experience, the staff are useful in helping us with this. They also actively collect student’s feedback to improve our experience in the School, and have introduced optional maths tutorials to help us out.

We have our own student common room with sofas and computers. We recently decided it would be a good idea to have a microwave in there too. Our student reps asked the staff, and we are now expecting a microwave to arrive soon.

In addition, we have a fridge and a kettle that makes the common room a little comfy place to have a break from lectures and talk to fellow students.

These are the reasons why I am studying Marine Technology in Newcastle. Come join me here and prove me right.

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