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Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle in Newcastle

Whether it’s your sparkliest New Year’s Resolution or an ongoing ambition – keeping fit and healthy at uni isn’t always the first thing to worry about. Then again, we must be doing something right at Newcastle, as we’ve just been ranked 7th healthiest university in the UK – thanks to some of the stupendous societies in our Students’ Union and the swish facilities in our Sports Centre. Huzzah!

So if you’re feeling inspired, discover our top tips for a healthy student lifestyle in Newcastle without spending a fortune or even trying too hard…

Get your 5 a day – even when on a budget

5 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle for Students in Newcastle - healthy eating
The first step to staying healthy – get your 5 day. Head down from campus to the Grainger Market to pick up your weekly supply of fruit and veg at market prices (often much cheaper than the supermarket). Ask the sellers for tips on how to eat the more unusual ones so you can make a mystery dish for your flatmates – jackfruit and starfruit stew, anyone?

If you’re stuck for recipe ideas, check out BBC Good Food for healthy recipes on a budget.

Drink lots of water

5 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle for Students in Newcastle - drink water
It’s a basic one, but don’t forget to drink lots of water! It’s recommended that you drink around 2 litres a day, and water in tea and coffee counts too.

Take a reusable bottle to lectures, and you can sneak a bit more by eating fruit and veg with a high water content, such as melon, courgette, and cucumber – another reason to head to the Grainger Market for your pocket-friendly fruit and veg fix.

Get out into the great outdoors

5 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle for Students in Newcastle
From free park runs to heading out into the countryside, Newcastle is surrounded with green spaces to explore. Why not yank on some hiking boots and head into Northumberland, walk Hadrian’s Wall, or catch a bus to the forests of Gibside?

Or if you want to stay close to halls, join a free park run around Exhibition Park on a Saturday, or grab your flatmates and start a regular jog around the nearest park. You never know – maybe you’ll add doing the Great North Run to your Newcastle bucket list too…

Keep fit on a budget

5 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle for Students in Newcastle - join a student society
If running’s not your thing, our Students’ Union has plenty of weird and wonderful societies that’ll have you bending and flexing in more ways than you could imagine. How about an afternoon of slacklining (like tight-roping, but slack!), a go at Argentine tango, or some twirls and twists on an ice rink?

Get enough sleep

5 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle for Students in Newcastle - join a student society
It’s too easy to slip into just one more episode on Netflix or be lured out to the latest new restaurant in the city centre, but getting enough sleep means you’ll have more energy for whatever tomorrow brings. To help you drift off when you do head to bed, avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening, and if exam stress is getting you down, try out our top 5 self-care tips to tackle student stress. See what’s going on in the Students’ Union with Give it a Go to find out if there are any meditation or relaxation classes running.

So there you go! Newcastle has it all to make planning your own healthy student lifestyle easy, even when you’ve had a few too many Greggs pasties. Fit even just a couple of these into your week and before you know it – you’ll be feeling amazing.


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