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5 Things An Education Student Needs

Coming to Newcastle University to study on our Education degree? We asked second year student Amy for her suggestions on the top 5 things you need to pack for your first term.

Packing for Uni can be stressful, and frankly quite boring, and I promise that you will forget a few things!

So here is a list of the top 5 things I think an Education student attending Newcastle University (like myself) should bring as ‘essentials’.

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

Had the most amazing coffee before work yesterday ☕️

A photo posted by Amy (@amy_wxo) on

If you think you’ve packed enough coffee for Uni, pack some more! Coffee will become your new best friend – from helping you stay awake during your 9am lectures, to helping you finish your last essay at 2am in the library!

Coffee is a must for an Education student, especially when it comes to dealing with children on your school placement!


A laptop
Owning a laptop will become so important to your Uni life – it will allow you to quickly make notes in lectures, store all of your essays and lecture notes on, and will be a saviour when your housemates are watching TV when you want to watch Netflix! (Also, coffee and laptops go great together in the library when there are no computers; no stress, no hassle!)


Someone highlighting notes in a workbook

Buy all of the colours you can find! Highlighting work will become a part of your daily routine as an Education student, so come prepared!

You’ll find that revising and finding quotes for essays so much easier when everything is coloured in luminous highlighter! (Remember, everything is important!)


A digital calendar

I prefer to use my phone’s calendar for day-to-day things, but having a calendar at Uni, whether on your wall, your phone, or in your bag, will help you to keep track of all deadlines and lectures etc. (this is super important).

It also helps you to keep track of your (potential) social life, and help you balance a job with your Uni hours.


Screenshot of a Spotify playlist

When it comes to revision and studying, music is every student’s way of blocking out the background noise of the library, or your noisy housemates, and being able to concentrate on the work in front of you.

Having a good music playlist with songs for concentration, or just music that you like listening to, definitely helps!

BUT, be careful not to get distracted by the music and start singing along (as easy as this may be), so get searching on YouTube or Spotify for some revision playlists – there are so many out there!

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