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Things to Look Forward to at Uni

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1 – Living with friends

For most people, university is the first opportunity to move away from home and share a house with friends. It is an amazing experience to live independently for the first time and to live with people you want to spend your time with. There’s always something fun going on and someone to chat to after a long day at uni.

2 – Student Discount

A lot of shops offer money off to students (usually 10-20%) or sometimes free things when you show your student card. It’s always worth asking before you buy something because it’s a real miss when you graduate and can no longer buy cheap things!

3 – New Hobbies

Always wanted to try something new? There’s bound to be a society or club that will cater to your needs or even a friend who is willing to take you along to try their exciting hobby. It’s always good to have something outside of lectures and is an excellent way to make new friends.

4 – New Subjects

Whether you’re carrying on with a subject from A-Level or starting something completely new, it’s exciting to start a new course and pick up new skills along the way. You can even do classes on the side, such as learning languages.

5 – Random Moments

University life is full of unexpected moments you will remember for a long time. Living with people around the same age as you and having lots of new experiences creates memories that will stay with you long after you graduate. It’s hard to put them under a single heading, but it’s basically all the fun moments that you will talk about for years to come when you look back on your time as a student.

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