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5 Things to Not Bring to University

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So you’re getting ready to head to uni, and you know what you need to pack. But what about the things you shouldn’t bring to university?

Here are 5 things that you may be thinking of squeezing in to your luggage, but believe us – you probably won’t need them when you get here.

1. A Kettle
1-kettleWe all have dreams of how beautiful it’ll be to have a kettle in your room and the convenience of making yourself a brew without having to go ‘all the way’ down to the kitchen.

However, by having a kettle in your room it is easy to exclude yourself from socialising with your new flatmates and this is super important when settling in to Uni.

2. A Car
2-carIt is true that taking your car to Uni will be really helpful and you will be worshipped in your flat for being the designated driver for Morrisons trips.

However, as Newcastle’s campus is conveniently compact it is kind of unnecessary. Online shopping exists and the Metro system is handy for travelling around so your car is a cost you can immediately eliminate.

3. Hard Suitcases
3-caseI mean, when packing for the move to Uni you may not have a choice on the style of suitcase you use (most people will dig old ones out of the garage).

However, if you are buying new luggage it’s a handy tip to use soft suitcases that can be flattened down for easier storage once you’ve unpacked. Nobody wants a bulky suitcase getting in the way of your picturesque, fairy-lit room.

4. CDs and DVDs
4-cdsIt might seem like an amazing idea to chuck in a few old films in case you want to get cosy on a Sunday afternoon but they take up SO MUCH SPACE. Invest in a Netflix or Spotify subscription to save some room in your luggage.

5. Printer
5-printerI know that before I came to Uni, a printer is the one thing I debated buying for a while. It feels like it’d be really convenient to be able to print out your worksheets at home but you just never get round to buying ink for them and it adds clutter to an otherwise beautiful looking student room.

There are plenty of places to print out work on campus so you will never be printer-less.

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