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5 things to consider before uni

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It may seem like a lifetime away, but it is important to be prepared for uni in every way you can! Here is a list of 5 things to start thinking about as September starts to creep up on you.

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1 . Accommodation


Have you looked at all the accommodation choices that are available? Consider ones within your budget. I know that an en suite may look tempting… but can you really afford to spend that much? And to be honest, from previous experience, sharing a bathroom isn’t all that bad!

2 . Start shopping!


In my opinion, the best part of heading off to uni is being able to buy the ‘essentials’. Remember not to over estimate the size of your car, unless you fancy travelling with numb legs from boxes stacked on top of you. Remember to be realistic: even though you may think you need 5 mugs of different sizes, you probably don’t.

3. Apply for Student Finance

I’m pretty sure you can begin applying for student finance from the spring before you plan to start University. I know it may seem like a long, boring task, but once its done you don’t need to worry about it again (until next year!) Make sure you return it on time or your money may come in late and you’ll have to rely on the bank of mum and dad which isn’t ideal!

4. Keep up the hard work


Just because you may have received offers from all the university’s you’ve applied for, it doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. Although this is exciting news, make sure you work your socks off to get where you want to be. As the saying goes, put in the hard work now and your future self will be thankful!

5. Make the most of Easter

Ah, Easter, the weather gets warmer and you can eat ridiculous amounts of guilt-free chocolate. This time can be used to your advantage. Catch up on work, save some money from a part time job, hang out with friends and spend quality time with your family! It is important to get a good balance.

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