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5 Things to do once in a while…

We are university students, and that means that there is so much work to do- assignments, exams and presentations. But we need a break once in a while. Usually most of us go out in the evenings with our friends, and perhaps experience Newcastle’s famous “nightlife“.

But here are some other things that I like to do even if it is to just take a few minutes to relax or an activity that I like…

1. Leazes Park


This place is my favourite spot in the city! It’s beautiful…and no matter what the weather is like, it just allows me a peaceful moment or two. I would suggest a walk once in a while to just sit and not think.

2. The Quayside at Night


It’s not just the millennium bridge that is well lit…the whole place has a unique charm…and very attractive quality to it. So if you’ve been studying too long, or are just fed up of being locked up in your  room, just walk to the Quayside at night with a friend or two, and sit on the bridge and have a chat. You’re sure to come back with a smile on your face.

3. The Royal Theatre 

I am the type of person who loves art and performances. And I am so glad that coming here gave me the opportunity to experience grand and excellent performances. I love being in the theatre. It makes me feel like if I was there many years back I would be in an evening gown with jewels and sitting in a fancy balcony seat. But honestly it’s one thing that we should make time for. I had tears when I saw the Nutcracker perform for the first time. Theatre can be very overwhelming.

4. And the Cinema 

Theatre is great…but being a film buff myself movies are a must too! And I think it’s one of those things that I don’t really need to say that c’mon get up and go to the movies! Everyone may have different genre preferences and even different popcorn flavours they like; but I think most if not everyone loves the cinema…

5. The Metro

I love trains. And the Newcastle Metro is cute and not always underground. It takes you to Jesmond Dene,  the coast…or even Sunderland. So once in a while…get that day saver ticket and do as many stops as you want. Spending the day at one of your favourite spots on the metro  line will feel like a mini trip away. And will surely help you “take a break”.

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