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5 Nights-In with Flatmates

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Flatmates are a special species, a fantastic mix of all different backgrounds, races, religions and most importantly they possess a range of banter. Some of the best memories that you’ll take from your university experience will be thanks to that crazy bunch. So without further ado, here are 5 ways to spend a night-in with your flatmates…

 1) Pizza night

It’s a terrible stereotype that all students do is sit around and order pizza for dinner. Well you know what, sometimes you have to feed that stereotype (so to speak). Once one flatmate decides to reach for that menu it’s hard to resist the temptation to join. You can even light a candle on the table if you prefer to add a touch of class (it also helps to get rid of the smell too).

2) Group revision

To combat the student stereotype I thought I’d mention that we do actually do work once in a while. A good way to be social and cram in that extra revision is to sit round the table and do some group revision. Admittedly this technique is not the most productive form of revision but every little helps (no Tesco reference).

3) Film night

Gather round the tele, grab some sweets and pile under a load of duvets because tonight is film night. The process of agreeing which film to watch can sometimes feel like a parliamentary debate but once you have chosen, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

4) Flat meal

You might not be living with the next Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith but if you all pull together then I have faith you can conjure up something edible. If you are a born leader (or just out-right bossy) then allocate jobs to each flatmate. Just be careful not to give the clumsy one the job of chopping.

5) Reminisce

Sometimes there is no better way to spend an evening than simply reminiscing about your past ventures as flatmates. Sit round the table, look through old funny pictures or videos and remember the ‘good old days’. You’ll soon realise that there always seems to be one flatmate who is involved in the funniest stories.


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