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7 Signs Your Personal Statement is Not Done

1. You’ve got nothing but time!

Feeling like you have all the time in the world? Check again, it might be an alarm that you’re actually not getting any work done.

2. This happens every time you sit down to get some work done:

or this:

3. You think eating will energize you to get some work done:

But will it, really? Or will you get into a sleepy mode and neglect your responsibilities. (We think it might be the second one..)

4. You decide to give yourself a well needed break every 5 minutes, which turns into this:

Scrolling through your social media feed until you strain your eyes and make that as an excuse to not write your personal statement.

5. One episode always turns into the whole entire series:

Maybe don’t log in to Netflix until you’re really done with your work? It sure does require strong willpower, but hey at some point you need to get the work done!

6. Enough is enough; you decide today’s the day you’ll get some work done, but end up doing anything but your personal statement:

Running from it is not the best idea, because you know, it will catch up with you.

7. 4,000 characters and 47 lines means nothing to you:

All jokes aside, the 15 January may seem like ages away, but writing your personal statement can take some time. Get started by checking out our 7 stages of writing a personal statement or watch our ‘What makes the perfect personal statement?’ Webinar.

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