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7 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Uni

Think you’ve found the perfect uni for you? Here are 7 signs you’ve fallen for Newcastle

1. The attraction is undeniable – it’s one good looking University in all seasons

The only good thing about morning exams ❤️ #newcastleuni #earlymorningexamskillme

A photo posted by Chloe Grace (@chloegracie_98_) on

2. It knows how  important a good work life balance is

When people accuse you of not doing a serious degree #ancienthistory

A photo posted by Oliver Burns (@burns_oliver) on

3. It’s just so pretty

4. It’s full of surprises

Take me back to being at the beach for uni #newcastleuni #dove #sunnydays #love #marinebiology #oceanography #oceans

A photo posted by Leanne Ryan (@leanne_ryann) on

5. It knows the true way to your heart… is through your stomach!

☕️#cafe☕️ #cafe #vsco #vscocam #firstsnow #mynclpics #newcastleupontyne

A photo posted by 吴梦玮 Mengwei Wu (@mengweiwoo) on

6. It keeps you motivated!

7. You can’t wait to be reunited

Proper fallen in love with this place

A photo posted by Teegs (@xx.tegan) on

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