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Newcastle Unaccompanied

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Every now and then, we need a little quiet time to ourselves, whether to clear the mind or just socially recharge. But there’s no need whatsoever to stay locked in a bedroom to enjoy your alone time, especially in Newcastle! Here are a few of my favourite things to do solo…

1. Walk to the Ouseburn


The walk offers the best view of the Quayside’s bridges and is one of the lesser known gems of Newcastle. History buffs can explore traces of former industries for which Newcastle was once famous, or book a captivating tour of the Victoria Tunnel.

The route will take you past colourful boats and quirky pubs, where you can stop for a drink or slap up lunch before heading back. All you need is your headphones and a spell of good weather!

2. Get a nicely brewed coffee


Venture to a speciality coffee shop only steps from the Central Station. Whether you are a caffeine addict or not, it is well worth going for (arguably) the best coffee in the city. Pink Lane Coffee offers a lovely little break from studies, and you can enjoy the peace, quiet and exquisite flavours comfortably on your own.

Plus, Pink Lane has more than enough power outlets and free WiFi, so you can bring your laptop and crack on with some work if you need to!

3. Catch a film at Tyneside


Pause the series you’ve been watching on Netflix and head out to one of Newcastle’s most exciting venues, Tyneside Cinema. Right in the city centre, you can cosy up with cult-classics, independent or foreign films, as well as the blockbusters, in the unique surroundings of this retro theatre.

As part cinema, part digital arts venue, with a trendy bar attached, Tyneside is every bit the artists dream hangout, and you’ll not feel out of place catching a show alone. Plus, you’ll be able to savour every scene without having to bear your friend’s relentless commentary!

4. Browse at Grainger Market


Grainger Market is a beehive of activity, noise and smells in Newcastle. It is a wonderland of fresh veg and fruit, cheese, meat, cakes, pancakes and much more for low prices. As well as being home to some of the best independent restaurants in town, serving up delicious dishes from around the world.

Whether you’re in need of fresh food or not, you can feel inspired by the unique diversity of the city whilst browsing and wandering the stalls.

5. Stroll along Jesmond Dene


Sometimes a little peace and quiet is all we need, and in Newcastle you’ve got a peaceful nature retreat within walking distance. Stock up on snacks, put some music on and enjoy the greenery and streams of Jesmond Dene. It is the perfect place to enjoy your alone time daydreaming.

6. Enjoy the wildlife at Pets Corner


Pets Corner, which is conveniently situated in the heart of Jesmond Dene, is home to dozens of animals, from goats to rabbits. These furry little critters are all the company you’ll need after a long, relaxing walk around the park!

7. Take in the views at St Peter’s Basin


This tranquil harbour is a hugely underrated gem of Newcastle. The soothing flow of the Tyne and gentle rocking of boats are sure to quell a stressed mind. Again, you will only need the sun’s mercy, your favourite tunes and some good walking boots.

So, the next time your social batteries need a recharge you’ll know where to go! I hope I’ve inspired your next solo adventure in Newcastle, and check out our Newcastle Bucket List if you’re looking for more activities to enjoy with friends.


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