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A Year Abroad: The Best Bits

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I’m currently on my year abroad, in Germany at the moment, so I thought I’d share a couple of the things about my year abroad that I’m currently loving the most.

1. I get to eavesdrop on another culture

I love just going about my daily life, getting into conversations with people, observing the world go by when I’m on the bus and noticing little cultural differences that baffle and amuse me. Not at all understanding why the people find their jokes funny, being overwhelmed at how quickly shopkeepers operate at the till and getting funny looks when I’m late…;)

2. Everyday life in another culture is interesting and exciting.

Because I’m in another culture, everything automatically becomes 10 times more interesting. Watching films are so much more of a big deal when it’s in another language. I’m getting acquainted with new songs. I’m learning about the weird and wonderful local traditions that people have. I have to eat different food (which let’s be honest is far better than British food anyway!), watch different TV, listen to different music and go to different shops.

3. I learn something new every day!

Because everything is so different, every day is a huge learning curve. I learn a new word, encounter a further shade of the people’s culture, discover the local history and learn that in Germany, frogs go “quack”!

I’ve been welcomed into so many people’s homes and lives and for that I am eternally grateful. I’m in a country where many things are done differently, where I don’t yet feel 100% at home in the culture, and where I don’t exactly speak the language perfectly, but where the people have been thoroughly warm and welcoming. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

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