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An Average Revision Day

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Here is an example of how I spend my time wisely leading up to my exams. So if you’re struggling to motivate yourself to start revision, why not start by following my example timetable?

7:30am During the revision and exam period, sleep is extremely important. Although I tend to get up earlier during this period, I always ensure that I get at least 8 hours sleep. I also find that a nutritious breakfast and a strong cuppa also sets me up for a productive day of revision.

9:00am By 9:00am I’m usually already in the library ready to start my day of revision. Personally, I find revising outside of my flat far more beneficial for two reasons…

  1. The walk from my flat to the university library in the morning gives me both a little bit of exercise, as well as fresh air to wake me up!
  2. It reduces the chance of getting distracted by my flatmate’s Mario Kart championships or Nerf gun wars!

1:00pm By this time, the energy from my breakfast normally starts to wear off and my concentration starts to drop, so I can tell it’s definitely lunch time! I tidy up my work and head off to the cafe in the library to get another cup of tea and to eat my salad that I made the night before. Although chocolate and sweets are tempting and do help me get through the day, I find that nutritious food is key… it also makes me feel a little better for being stuck inside all day!

Chicken salad with avocado and tomatoes

A healthy, homemade, lunch keeps my energy up

5:00pm This signifies the end of my revision day. By 5:00pm I start to get tired of revision so I tend to head off back to my flat, make some dinner and prepare my lunch for the next day. Although 5:00pm seems like an early time to finish, this allows me to spend my evening doing things I enjoy as a reward for working hard during the day.

11:00pm I aim to be in bed by at least 11:00pm during my revision and exam period as it allows me enough time to wind down, as well as giving myself at least 8 hours sleep to prepare me for my next day of revision!

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