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Before applying, why not visit us first?

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Whether you’re making your final choices or even if you’re at the start of your application process, the following advice is really helpful if you’re struggling to make a decision on which uni to go to. Visiting your prospective universities and their cities can truly help you in deciding if the university/city is the right fit for you. While not everybody has the chance to visit their prospective universities before making their final decisions, if the opportunity ever arises, it’s a good idea to take it.

By visiting universities before applying, you can just tell from the moment you step on campus if you could see yourself enjoying the next three or more years studying there. Sure, you could find out a lot about the campus and student life from brochures, pamphlets and online reviews, but unless you experience it for yourself, there is no way to truly predict if you would actually enjoy your time there.

So, once you arrive for your visit, take your time to walk around the campus, talk to the staff and students, ask questions and get a good feel of what it is like to be there. This is your rare opportunity to get real and honest answers to your questions that can ultimately alter or define your final decision.

Remember to make time for a short tour around the city as well. Remember…not only would you be studying in the city where your university is located but you will be living there too. You don’t have to visit every attraction in the city, but do find out about what they have to offer and see if you would feel at home there.

The trip from your hometown to the university is also a good indicator of whether you would ultimately pick one university over the other. Some people might enjoy the short/long journey but others wouldn’t. So, again, if you ever get the chance to go for a visit, why not take it? Even if you don’t end up choosing one of the universities you visit, it would still give you the chance to experience a new city, meet new people and know that you’ve made the right choice from the information you have gathered on your visits.

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