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Archaeology Personal Statement Tips

Are you looking to apply to Newcastle University for their Archaeology degree?

One of the first steps to applying to the degree is to write your personal statement on your UCAS form. And this can seem a bit daunting when you first come to tackle it.

To help you with your application we, we spoke to the guy that reads the applications – James Gerrard, the Degree Programme Director – to find out what he looks for when assessing a personal statement and his suggestions on how to write the perfect personal statement.

Demonstrate experience

If you have any relevant experience, like volunteering in a museum, make sure you include it in your personal statement. We are interested to know what you have done so far

Don’t overdo it

Be concise, write experience that is relevant but do not list every hobbies and interests you have throughout school. Sometimes less is more!

Proofread for errors

Grammar or spelling mistakes could really let your application down. Don’t forget to go through it carefully to check for errors before submitting it

Don’t be University specific

If you really want to study with us, let us know by using a kind of code, but don’t mention any University by name. For example, mention in your application that you are really interested in the Hadrian’s Wall

Be yourself

Don’t be afraid to let write all about yourself in your personal statement. We want to know about you, so be honest and don’t try to be anyone else!

And those are James’ five tips for writing the perfect personal statement for Archaeology at Newcastle University.

If you have any questions about the degree or coming to study here at Newcastle University, just ask using the big pink button below.

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